CFI Capabilities Summary:

  • Primary area of expertise in shelter design, reconditioning, and re-purposing

Previously owned shelters:

CFI maintains a large inventory with a variety of current-use military shelters. These shelters are reconditioned to a point where they are indistinguishable from new. When clients are seeking a shelter (or shelters) for a project of their own, CFI will work with the client to design and develop the layout of every system in the shelter to meet their specific needs. CFI can provide all required systems – onboard power generation, power distribution, RF, communications, computer wiring, I/O panels, environmental control and ergonomic design. The strengths CFI bring to this type program are reduced costs, speed, experience and flexibility.

Fielded system shelters needing overhaul, obsolescence support, or re-capitalization services:

CFI can take a full mil-spec, fielded system and overhaul it to a zero-time near-new condition while maintaining all the appropriate configuration requirements. Some examples of this are the Patriot BCP (Battery Command Posts) and Patriot TCS (Tactical Command Systems). For TCS we are responsible for the seal-redesign that, for the first time in 40 years, keeps the systems dry. The TCS program is a Raytheon IIS (RTSC) program we have worked on with Raytheon since 2009.

  • Development of new systems:

CFI’s contribution during the requirements phase was to flow Top Level requirements down to systems and sub-systems to translate the requirements into a specific hardware configuration.  During the design phase, CFI provided research and expertise to improve functionality and performance. Life-cycle costs were addressed and reduced by maximum usage of current military technology combined with COTS technology, when performance could be improved while lowering costs. During the Development phase, CFI developed hardware necessary to complete the system for testing and fielding. CFI has deep experience with proving practical, usable, ergonomically designed ground station configurations while meeting or exceeding theoretical performance requirements.  CFI maintains a QC program using the AS9100C QMS for all our design, fabrication, and integration projects.  CFI also designs and fabricates the sub components using in our programs. CFI provided a fully integrated platform for the prime to populate with the required electronics.

  • Facilitate engineering and development of support equipment for fielded systems:

CFI helps the prime contractor develop the required support equipment, then efficiently and cost effectively supplies the items in kit form. Notable systems of this type were RAID, a tower-mounted FLIR camera-driven surveillance system with more than 600 units fielded, and JLENS, an aerostat-flown BMD radar/detection system – both systems for Raytheon. CFI has, since 2003, manufactured kits for the RAID system. These kits include a mix of CFI designed devices, such as the guying cable system, and COTS items like tool sets.

CFI has welding, fabrication, integration, finishing (CARC paint a specialty) and assembly capabilities in-house. Also, using a wealth of local manufacturing/machine shops, we can produce competitively priced manufactured assemblies.

  • Considerable experience with masts and towers as applied to military programs, for both surveillance and communications:

CFI was involved in the development, training and support of the RAID Camera system, using a trailer mounted Lattice-type tower. We also mounted a variety of sizes of tubular masts on shelters ranging from S-788 HMMWV units to S-280 5-ton truck mounted units. Having significant experience with all three of the largest suppliers of these type military specialty masts, CFI works with our customers from the design/definition phase, where we apply our experience to help identify the best mast for the need. Then we can support our client all the way through integration of the mast into the system and LRIP.

  • Participates in the repair and overhaul of items in the US inventory that are still in critical need but face obsolescence issues:

Some items include aircraft ground support equipment, generators, compressors, ECU’s, Nitrogen generators and motor-generators. CFI excels at keeping this type of equipment in tip-top operating condition well past the time when even the original manufacturer ends its support.