Stealth Coatings

 Anti-thermal Stealth Coatings

  • CFI is an authorized distributor for Intermat products in the USA. Intermat specializes in the research, development and production of Anti-thermal/IR coatings and Radar-absorbing materials. Over 22 years of R&D has been invested into developing this paint.
  • Several types of missiles, including cruise, are equipped with infrared homing seekers and devices. Passive Homing Missiles rely on strong contrast changes to track. Anti-thermal coatings can render them unable to "lock on". Intermat developed a unique, unmatched technology in anti-thermal coatings and thus protects your strategic infrastructure from missile threats; effectively, affordably, reliably and above all - always “alarmed” against missile threat.
  • Our “Chameleon Series” of Low Observation Paints (LOP) Anti-thermal/IR coatings protect targets from modern thermographic IR sensors, confusing their image-processing capabilities, merging the higher reflectance of the target with the lower one of the background.


Application can be made on any surface, metallic or otherwise and most any building. It's a permanent countermeasure ready to be applied and integrated onto command centers, headquarters, bunkers, oil infrastructure, airstrips, and of course force multipliers- armored or tracked vehicles or weapon systems.



“Apply and Forget, Coat and  Protect” 

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