TCS Recapitalization

This program is operated by the LTPO (Lower Tier Project Office). It is a program to extend the operational life cycle of the Patriot Missile System and the support equipment associated with the system. CFI performs recapitalization of the TCS (Tactical Command System). This effort requires that CFI meet established requirements to repair/replace, assemble, install, integrate, make fully operational, test, troubleshoot, inspect, calibrate, and install necessary assemblies and sub-assemblies on the M32, M32A1, M32A2, Van Expansible and bring the end item to the PATRIOT Recap Standard (Near zero miles/hours).

CFI is currently meeting Limited Quantity Production Schedule requirements required by the contract for production of 11 of the TCS Re-Capitalized units on the current contract.  This is in addition to 6 previous units completed on time and on budget for a previous contract.

CFI has contributed more than basic recapitalization services with the TCS.  The M32A2 Van Expansible is based on a van designed approximately 40 years ago.  It was designed with serious flaws that makes it prone to serious roof leakage.  CFI has redesigned the seal system used on the expansible components and is able to guarantee no leakage with the new seal system installed.

The Tactical Command System (TCS) Houses the crew and equipment used for performing deployment planning, defense planning, and other force operations activities in support of battalion operations. The TCS crew disseminates defense readiness conditions, defense warnings, and weapon control status throughout the battalion. They also disseminate initialization data to the ICC, to assist the ICC in proper database initialization and preparation for engagement operations. A crew consisting of three 14J EWS operators is required to operate the TCS. At least three crews must be available for continuous, 24-hour operations. A 24-hour operation is necessary to ensure continuous coordination is done with the ICC.