RAID PROGRAM – CFI worked in concert with Raytheon in support of the RAID program during the development of the first RAID tower-mounted systems. CFI provided inputs in support of the initial design, cost reviews for the original tower deployments, as well as the follow-on COTS tower replacements. CFI supported Raytheon as a subcontractor in TECOM hangars in Elizabeth City, NJ, including the initial technical risk evaluation, concept formulation, and operational requirements. CFI provided the initial training and operations manuals for the RAID tower systems.

PATRIOT RECAP PROGRAM – As a subcontractor to Raytheon on the Patriot RECAP program, CFI provided support for several design cost reviews. CFI also provided technical risk evaluations for obsolete parts. CFI assisted Raytheon with concept formulation and acquisition strategy for multiple components of the existing Patriot Batteries. CFI completed several portions of Refurbishment / Recap / Paint of portions of the Patriot equipment.